Akosua ‘Nowa by Joe de Graft

They say the guinea-fowl lays her treasure
Where only she can find it.
Akosua ‘Nowa is a gunea-fowl:
Go tell her, red ant upon the tree.

I met Akosua ‘Nowa this morning;
I greeted:
Akosua, how is your treasure?
She looked me slowly up and down,
She sneered:
The man is not yet here who’ll find it!

Akosua ‘Nowa has touched my manhood;
Tell her, red ant upon the tree:
If she passes this way I am gone,
I am gone to load my gun.

No matter how hidden deep her treasure,
By my father’s coffin I swear
I will shoot my way to it this day;
Son of the hunter king
There is liquid fire in my gun!

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