Communication by Yury Zavadsky

Surprising how feelings depend on blood pressure.

Electricity in my body prevents me from staying put.

And, still, I force myself not to move.

Fingers are nervously running across the keyboard.

Then the uneven verses turn into day dreams.

Your text messages follow me in my steps.

I do not wish to keep silent, but I have nothing to tell you.

The day is lost and no pill can bring it back.

Only an unpleasant fatigue left after the day is gone.

The night and the disturbing dream impossible to remember.

It seems to me I am happy

feeling your warm closeness

and your fingers so near.

Oh these rootless days like my poems

fill me with alcohol.

Today, the whole day is morning.

A cold mist, its drops hanging in the air.

The empty autumn space.

It seems to me I’m happy beside you,

I have never felt as confident and calm.

I hesitate if everything is going so well,

though, as these days will have passed,

I will recall them

as the best days.

– Close your eyes and relax, can you feel it?

– It is autumn and melancholy upon us.

– It is me with my temporary crisis.

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